Stargate Troopers
Stargate Troopers preview
Also known as SG-Troopers
Genre Fan club
Created by "Conan" & "Serval"
Member around 20
Country of origin Flag of France France
Language(s) Flag of France French
Original run 2006 – Present
Related productions Stargate SG-17
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Stargate Troopers (or SG-Troopers) is a French costume and prop team created in 2006 who appear in several events and in the Stargate SG-17 fan films.

The team Edit


The Troopers in front of a Stargate model at Toulouse Game Show.

A few Stargate fan start creating a SG-17 team to play airsoft and participate to some events. Then with the SG-Bob airsoft team, they organised a costumed team, the Stargate Troopers.

Actually, Stargate Troopers combine several SG teams like the russian SG-4, SG-13, SG-17, SG-18 and SG-19.

Appearances Edit


The Troopers with Corin Nemec at 2009 Toulouse Game Show.

They are traditionally present to the FACTS (Belgium), Migennes Collector (France), Toulouse Game Show (France) and Cusset (France).

SG-Troopers value screen accuracy in the composition of their outfit. They often act with their partner Props Memorabilia ( a props collectors association) during events to present some of the original costumes and props of the Stargate TV-show.

Stargate SG-17 Edit

Main article: Stargate SG-17

The Stargate Troopers SG-17 participe to the fan film trilogy Stargate SG-17 started in 2007. The first and last episodes are already aired, the second is still under production and will be released beginin 2010.

External links Edit

Stargate SG-17 episodes:

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