Stargate SG-Delta
Stargate SG-Delta preview
Genre Fan film
Written by Kenneth Neill
3D art by Paul Fawcett
Starring Patrick Cranford
Courtney Hughes
Dylan Kinney
Shannon Melton
Kenneth Neill
Country of origin Flag of the USA United States
Language(s) Flag of the United Kingdom English
No. of episodes 2
Location(s) Middle Tennessee (USA)
Original run 26 April 2006 – Present
External links
Official website

Stargate SG-Delta is an American fan series started in 2006. A second episode is under post-production.

Synopsis Edit

Production Edit

Episodes Edit

1. Stargate SG-Delta: God of War (26 April 2006)
2. Stargate SG-Delta: A Goddess Scorned (TBA)

Two more episodes are in pre-production:

3. Stargate SG-Delta: Among Us
4. Stargate SG-Delta: Dreams

External links Edit

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