Stargate SG-17
Genre Fan film
Starring Stargate Troopers
Country of origin Flag of France France
Language(s) Flag of France French
No. of episodes 3
Producer(s) Wargame Pictures
Running time 15 min.
Picture format avi (576x304)
Original run March 2007 – Present
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Stargate SG-17 is a french trology fan film started in 2007.

Synopsis Edit

Production Edit

The Wargame Pictures produce the films in collabaration with the Stargate Troopers.

Characters Edit

Movies Edit

Compromis Edit

Main article: Staragte SG-17: Compromis

Compromis: relesed in May 2009, is the first episode.

Unamed movie Edit

The second movie is still in post production. The episode will be online on 2010.

Instinct de chasse Edit

Main article: Staragte SG-17: Instinct de chasse

The third movie is Instinct de chasse but it was produce first in March 2007.

Appearances Edit

In 2008 Instinct de chasse was aired during the Toulouse Game Show, a Manga oriented convention in France. The 22 February 2009 the same episode was aired during the Stargate Convention in Paris.

An interview of Conan, from the Stargate Troopers, was published into the fourth issue of Gatenews fanzine in 2009.

The second produced movie, Compromis, was aired at the Migennes Collector Convention in France in May 2009. Colin Cunningham was present and congratulate the work of the team[1]. AlloCiné and the french science fiction website Unification France write a review about this production[2][3].

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References Edit

  1. Migennes Collector 2009 : Un week-end de rêve (1 May 2009)
  2. Stargate Compromis : La sphère des fans (28 August 2009)
  3. SG Troopers : La Sphère des Fans Episode 2 (3 August 2009)

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