Stargate Combination
Stargate Combination preview
Also known as SG-Combination
Genre Fan film
Developed by Peter Vandelay
Michael Böttner
3D art by Wuma Films
Timo Helgert (Heltfilm)
Mirko Stödter
Moritz Thiele
Starring David Pößel
Daniel Lentsch
Sylvia Preußer
Patrick Zenner
Marcus Bock
Composer(s) Sebastian Schell
Country of origin Flag of Germany Germany
Language(s) Flag of Germany German
Producer(s) Vision Entertainment Studios
Running time 90 min.
Picture format avi (720x576)
Release date 7 August 2009
External links
Official website
Production website

Stargate Combination is a German fan movie released in August 2009 by Vision Entertainment Studios.

Synopsis Edit

Stargate Combination poster

Poster of the movie.

Production Edit

Cast Edit

Main crew:

  • David Pößel as Col. Jack O'Neil
  • Daniel Lentsch as Dr. Daniel Jackson
  • Sylvia Preußer as Cap. Samantha Carter
  • Claudia Maticka as Vala Mal Doran
  • Maximilian Hahn as Teal'c
  • Robert Vogel as Gen. George Hammond
  • Marcus Bock as Maj. Ferretti
  • Patrick Zenner as Maj. Kawalsky

External links Edit

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