Stargate: The Last Stand
Stargate The Last Stand preview
Also known as Stargate TLS
Genre Fan gaming
Developed by Michiel 'Viper' Beenen
Ben 'MajorC4' Palmer
Programmed by James 'sslice' Gray
Olly Ginger
3D art by Jeroen 'Xanthi' van Werkhoven
Louis 'Foeaxe' Deane
Lane 'FlyingMongoose' Babuder
Country of origin Flag of the Netherlands Netherlands
Language(s) Flag of the United Kingdom English
Producer(s) InterWave Studios
Network Half Life 2
Release date 18 January 2009
External links
Official website
Production website

Stargate: The Last Stand is a game mod for Half Life 2 released in January of 2009.

Storyline Edit

Gameplay Edit

The Last Stand is a multiplayer only mod in wich you can play the Anubis Jaffa's or Tau'ri people. Each round is 15 minutes long

Maps Edit

  • Abydos
  • Erebus
  • Atlantis
  • Tollana
  • SGC
  • Beliksner
  • Hatak

Vapen Edit



Production Edit

External links Edit

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