Genre Fan film
Written by Mat
3D art by Mat
Theme music by Mat
Country of origin Flag of the Czech Republic Czech Republic
Language(s) Flag of the Czech Republic Czech
Subtitled in Flag of the Czech Republic Czech
Flag of the Netherlands Dutch
Flag of the United Kingdom English
No. of episodes 2
Producer(s) Production IMproved
Picture format avi
Original run 20042005
External links
Production website

StarGejt is a Czech fan movies series started in 2004.

Synopsis Edit

The movies tell the adventures of the SG-8.5 team.

Production Edit

Cast Edit

Main characters Edit

  • Col. Yonatan 'Jack' Jones (),
  • Mjr. Samantha Carter, (),
  • Dr. Daniel Skywalker (),
  • Blaffa Teal´f (),

other characters Edit

  • General Zumpov (),
  • Lara Croft (),

Movies Edit

Two movies are produced.

External links Edit

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