Mark Jameson
Date of Birth
Place of Birth
Mobile, Alabama
Security/Weapons Officer
Kevin Regan

Mark Jameson is the Security/Weapons officer onboard the Daedalus Class Cruiser Odyssey, On Stargate: Odyssey.

Early LifeEdit

Major Jameson was born in Mobile, Alabama to a normal family who are school teachers at a Middle and High School, He went to school there and at the age of 17 he graduated from the high school and he's been wanting to join the Military.

Military CareerEdit

When he graduated from High School he joined the United States Airforce and was apart of the secert Stargate Program and he was apart of the team that constructed the Odyssey, when the ship's new CO came onboard Col. Tyson made Jameson his Security/Weapons Officer when the ship was rushed into activate service.

Personal LifeEdit

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