This is a list of costume and prop teams related to Stargate. The productions are sorted by alphabetical order and a quick description of each is given with country of origin.

Title Active years Country Description
SG-4F 2004 - Present Flag of France Also know as SG-4 Fox Det. Participe to several French and Belge also conventions and collaborating with SG-4B.
SG-4B 2004 - Present Flag of Belgium Also now as SG-4 Bravo Squad. Participe to several Belge and also French conventions and collaborating with SG-4F.
SG-Command ? Flag of the USA
Stargate SG-9 ? - Present Flag of the USA
Stargate Troopers ? - Present Flag of France They participe in several events and participe to the production of Stargate SG-17 fan film series.
Tok'ra Resistance ? - Present Flag of the USA They participe in several American conventions and produce the Stargate: The Lost Colony fan film.

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