This is a list of browser games related to Stargate and developed by Stargate fans. The games are sorted by alphabetical order and a quick description of each is given with release date and genre.

Title Release date Genre Language Description
GateWars 2006? Turn based MMO Flag of the United Kingdom Flag of Germany Fight as one of 4 races that have discovered and utilized the gate in a non-resetting universe.
GateWorld-Game 2006 Turn based strategy / space strategy Flag of Germany Basic "old school" browser game. Play one of 4 races.
SG Realities 2005 Turn based strategy / space strategy Flag of Germany Conquer a galaxy using space ships or the stargate system. Play Humans or Goa'uld.
SpaceGate Galaxys 2008 MMO / space strategy Flag of Germany An Ogame clone set to the stargate universe. Play one of 5 races.
SotoWars [offline] 2015 MMO / space strategy Flag of France A clone of the browsergame Antaris Legacy with more focus on Stargate

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