This is a list of Lego models related to Stargate. The models are sorted by alphabetical order and a quick description of each is given with release date.

Model with instructions Edit

Only the models with instructions are listed below.

Title Release date Model of Description
Lego Puddle Jumper 2005 Puddle Jumper
Lego Stargate (Command Centre) 2005 SGC Gate room link added 17/12/2014
Mini Al'kesh Medium-Range Bomber 2007 Al'kesh
Mini Apophis' Mothership 2007 Apophis' mothership
Mini Daedalus 2007 Daedalus
Mini Death Glider 2007 Death Glider
Mini Ha'tak Mothership 2007 Ha'tak
Mini Osiris Personal Spacecraft 2007 Osiris' Spacecraft
Mini Prometheus 2007 Prometheus
Mini Ra's Mothership 2007 Ra's Mothership
Mini Tel'tak Transport Ship 2007 Tel'tak

Model without instructions Edit

Only notable models without instructions are listed below.

Title Release date Model of Description
Asgard flagship Beliskner 2009 Beliskner A gigantic model.
LegoStargate by AGG Stargate A lighted up Stargate with iris build with over than 5000 Legos.
Prometheus by Ralph Menzel 2008 Prometheus
Stargate by Kelly McKiernan 2005 Stargate A rotative Stargate. Won the best medium space award and best Brick Mod at BrickFest 2005.
Stargate Lego models by starstefan Various

See also Edit

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